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Skye Angelina Bottom - KINABALU

Skye Angelina Bottom - KINABALU

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In this life, some things simply have to be seen to be believed. Mount Kinabalu is one of those things. This Malaysian World Heritage site is the most epic peak in the entire country, reaching towards the sky at an astounding 4,094 meters, and leaving the clouds in its dust. Like a low-hanging crown, the mountain is surrounded by a tropical rainforest near its base, which is rich with flora and fauna. Our Kinabalu print is larger-than-life in its own right, featuring splashes of oversized, many-petaled blooms that are so radiant, we’d climb a mountain to catch a glimpse.

Simple never goes out of style. The Angelina is a low-rise bottom with a clean finish front and a mid-coverage silhouette in the back. For a piece that will pair effortlessly with any of the items already in your swimsuit drawer, reach for Angelina!

  • Low rise
  • Clean finish front
  • Mid coverage
  • Mix & Match with a bikini top in Black
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